About Us

To contact us simply email us at contactsensation@aol.com

Sensation Jewellery is an established company, we started in Covent Garden, London in 2002...

At Sensation, we love what we are doing, we consistently unveil new designs of Fashion Jewellery at competitive prices to reflect the trends of Fashion. We listen to the feedback of our many regular customers and this has allowed us to bring out some exciting new designs specifically tailored to your tastes. We are also renown for our wide selection of Statement Costume Jewellery

Sensation offers a wide collection of Fashion Jewellery. We would like to clarify that all our jewellery is Fashion (Costume Jewellery) and as such we do not use any precious or semi precious metals or stones. When we refer to Silver or Gold it is a reference to the colour and not to the metal. For further information on how to look after your Fashion Jewellery, please see below.

East Colonnade Market
Covent Garden

On the East Piazza of Covent Garden (Royal Opera and Transport Museum side) when you face the Covent Garden building (Russell Street on your back) we are inside on the left hand side.

15 Kensington Gardens
North Laine
Brighton BN1 4AL
Tel 01273 605913



Fashion Jewellery is a delicate item and requires to be handled with great care.

Do not spray perfume or hair spray on product.

The product should not be in contact with moisture.

Always store in individual bags after use.

Keep out of reach of children

The product is delicate to extremes of temperature change.

The metal used is an alloy.

Perspiration and skin reaction can affect your fashion jewellery

Coating and colouring is applied on some jewellery and we cannot guarantee it may not fade or change colour.

As with delicate accessories please adopt a sensible attitude to your jewellery.